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someone, who at some point in their life, decided they wanted to work on peoples asses
the proctologist stuck his entire arm up that fat dudes ass
by guy mann-dude September 25, 2008
the ultimate insult. a combination of brosef and pal. there is no known comeback to this insult.
"shut your mouth palsef"
by guy mann-dude July 24, 2008
Ok a chicks on her period so that whole area is bloody. A queef emerges from the surface, blowing a bubble of sick nasty blood out of the vagina. the red color brings on a lava like effect sort of. popping one of these bubbles is just inhumane.
hunter almost threw up when i told him about the girls queef lava.
by guy mann-dude March 26, 2009
bench warmer, someone who sits on the bench at athletic events. the bench is made of pine therefore, riding the pine. pine jockey
that fat kid is such a pine jockey how did he get on the team
by guy mann-dude September 19, 2008
when a smoker has some surgery, and get the hole in their neck, then u fuck it
that dood just neck fucked that old smoker lady
by Guy mann-dude August 25, 2008
an extremely powerful jizz. one that shoots out with a maximum amount of force. often happens after not cumming for 2 weeks or more.
the young man shot his exploosion right into the young ladie's eye.
by guy mann-dude January 30, 2009
the first black president. many think we have not had a black president, but i tell you, warren g harding was a negro.
warren g harding kicks ass
by guy mann-dude September 19, 2008
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