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25 definitions by Gus

Paraphernalia for marijuana-related activities. This includes: pipes, bongs, rolling papers, stash boxes, eye drops and breath mints.
I never thought that those pages from my complimentary Book of Mormon would make such effective mariphernalia.
by Gus March 12, 2005
5 2
When you go down on a chick who is on the rag. Consequently you pull out piesces of uterin wall in your mouth then spit it out like orange juice pulp.
Julie was out of heavy flow tampons so I gave her a zigler as a substitute.
by Gus February 09, 2005
4 4
place kicker is a sex position, it is where the girl has one leg up and one foot on the floor, she is in the place kicking position while she is being penetrated from behind.
I pulled the place kicker on Kristina last night, it was nice.
by Gus January 21, 2004
6 6
Word used by upper-class twats when asking to borrow a device with which to restore power to a mobile phone.
"May ay hev a lend of your chargar?"
by Gus December 14, 2003
1 2
to go into a car high and drunk and go down springfield avenue at a 100 mph and crash into the foundation of a building and get wedged in and die on impact.
He stelmakhed the other day and i cant find his obitchuary
by Gus November 27, 2004
3 6
Any act of masculinity that is just below a Arnold.
There is no way you can do 500 chicks at the same time, be a hasselbeck and only do like 300.
by Gus June 02, 2004
5 9
the average freshie
grosssssss did u see that thing?! wat an amphibian
by gus July 09, 2003
2 11