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25 definitions by Gus

Borange head! Used as insult; Dick head, ass head, knob head.
Well ill be! If that horse isnt the most Borange horse ive ever seen. It could'nt hold up a hard on to save itself! Borange horse, horse is no good, lame, garbage.
Jesus! Chech out that ugly bitch with the borange ass!
Its not just the ass thats Borange, the face is a damn disgrace!(followed by laughter)
by Gus January 19, 2005
1 20
the alternative term for the amphibian species
" he's such a freshie."
by gus July 09, 2003
2 25
What frat boys do while waiting for the rufies to kick in.
I spat some game, ya know, told her I could bench 275 and cried during Titanic.

I spat game to that bitch all night and then she freaked out when I touched her tits.
by Gus February 12, 2005
150 183
A dirty Redneck
"Ya Thievin sumbitch"
by Gus April 30, 2003
31 89