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1) The state of a marijuana receptacle whose contents have been thoroughly exhausted, leaving behind an ash residue. The "cash point," or point at which the receptacle is to be retired or repacked, is often heatedly debated among marijuana smokers; some choose to incinerate the entire contents of the bowl until all said marijuana has been dissipated, while others choose to repack as soon as it begins to adopt a black hue.

2) Certain circles (particularly youth) have adopted the "cashed" adjective as the universal term for a status of depletion.
1) "This bowl is cashed. Shall I repack?"

2) "This bag of Funyons is cashed-ass. Take the empty bag to the trash and grab me some Oreo's from the kitchen. Bitch."
by Guru December 29, 2004
A semi clever quip made by computer geeks and gurus.. Quite similar to the military quip " You are so fucking useless, I should replace you with a button"
by Guru June 15, 2003
adj. used to catergoize petite females with large tids. Large, relative to the body size.
See tits on a stick
Man, that little asian chick we saw last night, definitely a stick with tits!
by Guru November 07, 2004
A large and generally excessive quantity of an item
shit tins of gaff tape and zip ties are needed to apply adequate amounts of sheebz
by Guru December 07, 2004
Slang for female customer service person who is usually more concerned with their fingernail polish then your customer satisfaction. Usually unsatisfied with their "career" so it comes out in their lack of care/energy for the work their supposed to be doing.
Pffft , that computer operator just told me "she too busy right now to assist me with the issue" , what a bluenail.

I am not calling support , everytime I call I get a bluenail. I'd rather disconnect my service. Then deal with her...
by guru February 08, 2005
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