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Aviation slang for a situation in which a pilot unwittingly enters a gentle banking turn, ultimately ending up as a spiral dive to the floor. This typically happens to incompetent or inexperienced pilots unable to visually assess the aircraft’s position relative to the horizon. The strong impression of descent leads some pilots to disregard the flight instruments (which will show exactly what’s going on) and try to correct the situation by pulling up, which instead tightens the turn and often leads to certain death. This is extrapolated to situations where a person will stubbornly press on with something extremely stupid despite solid, objective reasons not to.
Man, I can’t believe you’re still seeing Amanda, she’s done your brother, your dad and me. Get outta your graveyard spiral and dump the bitch, I don’t want you catching my herpes.

Hey, did you hear what Bob did when he got the results of his liver function test? He was so freaked that he went straight into a graveyard spiral with a bottle of Jim Beam.
by Gun Arvidssen August 17, 2008
When you've been steadily partaking of alcohol, hash cookies, bongs etc in the seated position, only to realise upon standing up that you're too goddamn wasted for your legs to be capable of fulfilling their normal function. Derived from the practice of painting on (or using decals to represent) non-functional elements to decorate cars (eg bullet holes), model aircraft (eg instrument panels) and so forth.
I thought I was still OK until I went to take a dump with my legs painted on and ended up shitting myself in the hallway.

Girl: Let's take this to the bedroom.
Guy: AllRIGHT! Yeah baby -- oh shit, your legs are painted on, I'm gonna have to drag your ass.

I can't believe you survived that bike ride with your legs painted on, man, you puked all over my garage and went to sleep on a wheel ramp.
by Gun Arvidssen August 21, 2008
Pilot slang for Hong Kong, an ironic translation of its name (which means 'Fragrant Harbour' in Chinese). The joke is partly on the local scent of some of the poorer regions, and partly on the difficult approach to Runway 13 of Hong Kong's now-decommissioned Kai Tak airport, which 'stank'.
Back in the day I had a layover in Fragrant Harbour and I bumped into your mom while shopping for souvenirs in the red light district.
by Gun Arvidssen June 25, 2008
An individual who hijacks freely available powerpoints at airports, libraries, places of work etc and uses them to charge mobile devices, laptops, games consoles etc. at the supplier's expense.
Person A: WTF is this eight-way power board doing plugged into the spare wall socket for the printer? There are seven fucking adaptors hanging off it! Who owns all this shit?!

Person B: Oh, it belongs to Larry. That fucking power pirate is gearing up for the Star Trek conventions and needs all his phasers and shit charged up to battle Klingons around Uranus.
by Gun Arvidssen January 20, 2009
Acronym for Do It Fucking Right. Often used in the context of "I beg to DIFR" as a reply to someone who suggests taking a lazy/cowardly/stupid and possibly damaging course of action.
Student pilot: During preflight I noticed some little cracks in the rudder hinge, but it's probably nothing. Let's get up there, I'm eager to practise spin recoveries.

CFI: I beg to DIFR. This aircraft is unserviceable and must be taken in for maintenance immediately. Epic fail.
by Gun Arvidssen January 15, 2009
A hypothetical device that could be installed over the front of jet engines to prevent the problems associated with birdstrikes. Although such a contraption is completely unfeasible for many reasons, the question as to why it isn't the status quo in aircraft design was asked on Yahoo! Answers no less than 849 times (approximate) during the first week after the Hudson River ditching of an A320. Pending 4chan inclusion, this concept has hereby been nominated as a meme.
Asker #125: Why don't they install anti-bird grilles on the front of jet engines?

Asker #338: Putting mesh on the front of jet engines would've prevented the Hudson River ditching. Why don't they do that?

Asker #416: Aircraft engineers are stupid for not putting some kind of screen on the front of engines to prevent birdstrikes.

Asker #590: Why don't they put grilles on the front of airliner engines to keep out birds?

Asker #642: Somebody set up us the screen on front of engine jet?

Asker #711: Why don't airliners have anti-bird grilles on the front of the engines?

Asker #834: All your mesh are belong to us?

Answerer #1: begins shrieking uncontrollably

Answerer #2: foaming at the mouth

Answerer #3: Relax guys. These inventors are simply too brilliant to search answers for anti-bird grilles.
by Gun Arvidssen January 19, 2009
Pig Latin abbreviation for 'retard'.
That guy's such an eray he thinks denial is a river in London.
by Gun Arvidssen April 21, 2008
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