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Certified Flight Instructor. A person licensed by the FAA to instruct others to fly.
none needed
by FlyboyBill March 14, 2004
17 5
short for: Cluster Fuck Incorporated

A term used to describe ones workplace when everything seems to go wrong.
I work for a company that is one big CFI.
by Mike Garry December 27, 2006
5 7
short for colossal fucking idiot or
some one who is completely incompetent, says dumb things with out thinking
Hugo, you're looking at me like I just asked you the fucking square root of something. What did you say to Mecklen on the little motherfucking machine?!

Are you a colossal fucking idiot? (CFI)

A cinammon roll, the roll of the cinammon? That looks like a jizz. Yeah, Eastern European jizz. That looks like some fuckhead shot his load on a $12,000 calf skin jacket. The twist is it's my $12,000 calf skin jacket. Okay so you got the semen. You got the human ejaculate that has been allowed to sink in for seven hours, into the fabric fucking fibers.
by dnoginizr August 08, 2009
4 8