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Refers to male genitalia, but can be used as an uncomplimetary adjective. Has a similar meaning to 'wanker'.
'That swine cut me up on the motorway, what a porksword!'
'He thinks highlights look good in his mullet. Porksword!'
by Gump January 25, 2005
Friend, Partner, or Accomplice
You my skizzle, dawg. I'm just hangin' wit my skizzles.
by Gump October 21, 2004
Horak= 1.A name for a sucky online Call of Duty player
2. A person who puts Hoes in a line to get rapped
Hes such a Horak!!!! The noobie!
by Gump June 01, 2004
the act of going down on your girl when flow is in da house
whodi was a bitch and ate it raw nice bloodclot in the teeth....
by gump November 25, 2002

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