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1. To drink for the sake of getting tipsy or smoke for the sake of getting frass.

2. To light a spliff or cigarette, and smoke it

3. To heighten your vibes by blazing some spiritual fire.
e.g. Yow bredz when we hit the beach party we gonna blizz-it-up like we never do it before.
by Grippamc February 12, 2012
1. Flexing with a hyped up personality, usually after getting tipsy.

2. A personality that carries an authentic vibe which is unique to a person.
e.g. 1. I went to the party after 11:00, and after 1 hour I was feeling the Blizz.

2. We like to hang out with Gripa because he has the Blizz.
by Grippamc February 12, 2012
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