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A complex process that typically involves head scratching and "Hmm" noises, and is often followed by an "aha!" in normal people, or a stupid comment in cheerleaders.
Steve: Suzy, do you want to go to the movies with me tonight?

Suzy: I can't; I'm thinking.
by Grent May 01, 2008
A sauce consisting primarily of crystalized pwnage, water, and tomato paste. An excellent topping to put on tacos, hamburgers, and nachos.

Pwnage sauce is also a traditional remedy for n00bishness when added to Mountain Dew. Original Mountain Dew works best, however, there have been some reports that Game Fuel created a more potent concoction. Unfortunately, Game Fuel was discontinued before any scientific tests were completed.
Jim: "This place is out of ketchup!"
Rob: "That's OK, I brought some pwnage sauce!"
by Grent July 23, 2008
A small piece of fuck, similar in shape and size to a gold nugget, but with a much more variable selling price. High-quality fucknuggets, such as nuggets of "supermodel fuck" can easily be sold for 7-figure sums, whereas low-quality nuggets, such as "ugly fat drunk fuck" nuggets, are effectively worthless.

Not to be confused with Fuck-McNuggets, a delicious chicken-based food item deep fried in fuck oil.
Greg: "Steve! I found a fucknugget on the ground here!"
Steve: "Greg, this is a only nugget of dumbfuck."
Greg: "Damn. That's boo boo monkey."
by Grent July 23, 2008

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