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A sharp pointy object located at the end of a finger. (In some cases, there have been reports of the stated object appearing at the end of toes. However, this statement cannot be confirmed as there is currently no proof of the named existence.) Often very sharp, the above substance can be used as a weapon. (Said cases HAVE been reported.) If you find yourself growing these strange objects, please note that yearly trimming should be practiced for your own safety, lest you dig them into your own flesh by mistake. Usually, pain follows. However, this cannot be confirmed either, as no real cases have been reported of this strange action.
Security Guard: "I'm sorry, young lady, but I'm afraid you cannot board the plane. Please remove those uncontrollable weapons from your hands immediately before boarding."
by Grella May 31, 2005
A bright thing in the sky that is usually pretty. After a while it goes KABOOM, and then there's lots of light a bits of sparkly stuff everywhere.
Guy1: "Say, Tod, look at the stars tonight."
Guy2: "OoooOOOooh, shiny. @_@"
by Grella May 31, 2005
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