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A lazy person who sits around, wasting their life away while watching shadows trace along the wall. A bum to both oneself and society, leaching off of others, a sick and pathetic waste of flesh and life. Synonomous with an eager desire to remain unemployed, with their fat ass firmly glued to your couch.
Person 1: "Hey you fucking shit, why you just layin' around the house like some bojangler?"
by Greg Hudson & Andy Smith December 02, 2007
A dry {blowjob] from an inexperienced girl with sharp braces. Typically resulting in painfully deep abrasions, torn ass neck and ballbag hair, and immediate bloody limp dick. A painfull but necessary rite of passage for teenage boys.
Boy: "Ahhh biatch, yo grill is tearin' up my junkz!"
Girl: "What baby, you can't handle a bit of my top peace?"
by Greg Hudson & Andy Smith December 02, 2007
A) To find a solution in a very cheap way, using whatever materials are handy, usually performed in a pooorly planned caper.
B) To jew someone by selling stolen items back to the unwitting victim at a lower price.
C) Paying one man to perform the task usually done by five.
Person 1: "I've been digging this ditch alone for days now, sure wish boss would hire some help!"
Person 2: "Shit boy, you are the help! You just got jew jobbed!"

Example: Sending your employees to another business to steal cleaning suplies, napkins, condiments, paper and other essential suplies rather than buy it themselves.

by Greg Hudson & Andy Smith December 02, 2007
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