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The act of wrapping a dollar bill around the penis and havin g a girl jerk you off.

abbv: JJ
Cole: Dude my girlfriend gave me a Jew Job last night.

Koty: Well did you keep the dollar?
by spkoty October 11, 2009
(v). 1. When you get oral sex from someone whos such a jew that they never let you bust a nut, thus getting jewed out of an orgasm.
1. "you fucking bitch! how could you Jew-Job me like that... now i have blue-balls!"

2. "I love giving Jew-Jobs to guys right before i break up with them!"
by LS returns(tiny) January 10, 2009
when i jew places his jewish overgrown nose inside a womans pussy and licks her asshole at the same time as well as moving his nose in and out occasionally for added pleasure.
Man: what do you wanna do?
Woman: how about you give me another jewjob? the last one was sooooo good.
Man: ok, look out below
by acidJUNKY December 22, 2007
A) To find a solution in a very cheap way, using whatever materials are handy, usually performed in a pooorly planned caper.
B) To jew someone by selling stolen items back to the unwitting victim at a lower price.
C) Paying one man to perform the task usually done by five.
Person 1: "I've been digging this ditch alone for days now, sure wish boss would hire some help!"
Person 2: "Shit boy, you are the help! You just got jew jobbed!"

Example: Sending your employees to another business to steal cleaning suplies, napkins, condiments, paper and other essential suplies rather than buy it themselves.

by Greg Hudson & Andy Smith December 02, 2007
When a Jewish woman takes part in any job; hand,blow what have you, on any non-jewish person in any circumstance. This is but is not limited too, even down to .5% jewish, so even the tiniest amount makes it qualify.
"No Mrs.Weinberger You cannot give me a JewJob"

MW- "ok.... Damn Hitler"

" whew that was a close one", "didnt wanna give her son a half brother"

*Not the name of any known Jews, Fictional Name.
by Chipman1 June 03, 2011
just like when someone gives you a blow job only the person giving the pleasure has coins like pennies and nickels and such in their mouth
I heard that Mort used his spare change to get a Jew Job.
by joeyjordison72 February 21, 2010
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