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One who will often post status`s on facebook in order too get sympathy. They act like their lives suck, when really they have great lives. Facebook sympathy whores are whiny lil bitches who need too stop using facebook as their social diary. Sorry for misspellings.

Charlotte: I hate my life! Give me sympathy and attention! Wahh wahhh I hate you! Wahhh wahhh Ima go cut myself! WAHHH WAHHH WAHHH!! - depressing poem -

Freind: Whats up with you?! :p

Charlotte: Dont matter......:'(

Friend: Dont be a facebook sympathy whore.
by GrandPoop October 08, 2010
Accidently having an anal evacuation in a urinal, then either picking up the poop and hiding it, or leaving the area and pretending that nothing ever happened...
Luigi: " Jim pulled a Urinal Poop Swoop the other day, at the office, and left a big dukey in one of the urinals!"

Peter: " Yeh, Tom did that the other day, only he hided the poop...When my boss found Toms poop in his desk, he sacked him!"
by GrandPoop September 17, 2010
Peeing with a hard on, usually caused by needing a piss so badly.

John: "Sorry Fred, I was draining the torpedo and I misfired."
by GrandPoop October 23, 2010
Draw The Line is an amazing rock album created by awesome hard-rock band, Aerosmith. Draw The Line was a follow-up too there previous album, titles, Rocks. Although this record was not as successfull as their last two albums, Toys In The Attic and Rocks, Draw the Line still kicks ass!
Aerosmith - Draw The Line is one of my favourite albums!
by GrandPoop October 03, 2010
One who pretends to like AC/DC too impress people, when they probably dont even like there music, or have only heard "Back In Black".
Me: *walks into school with my ac/dc bag*

Douchebag: "Ac/dc rule!"

Me: "Name five songs.." -.-

Douchebag: "Uhhh...uhhh...Back in black?!"

Me: -.- "Another Fake AC/DC fan.."
by GrandPoop October 02, 2010
A used rubber.
Garth: "I saw Jims Coney Island White Fish floasting in the sea this morning.."
by GrandPoop September 18, 2010
When you wake up and just cant keep your eyes open for more than five seconds, plus your vision is crappy, your eyes are sore when you open them.

Kid: "These stupid morning eyes are keeping my eyes closed! Morning eyes SUCK!"
by GrandPoop October 06, 2010

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