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Dayana Mendoza is the 5th venezuelan girls who wins the tittle of Miss Universe, she is a fine example of venezuelan womans, dark skin, beautiful eyes, amazing body, smart, fresh and amazing. Guys wants her, and some girls feel envy of her.
Most of the colombians hate her.
Gano Dayana Mendoza el Miss Universo

I wish my girlfriend look like Dayana Mendoza

Dayana Mendoza is so hot.
by Goyo July 22, 2008
How the appearance of a pussy gives pleasure through beauty; pussy that is of pleasing appearance. Can often be enhanced with plastic surgery, lighting, makeup, etc.
Did you see that well-defined camel toe! It had such amazing pussthetic appeal!
by goyo July 11, 2016
The girl one of your male friends claims to have had sex with after being separated from the rest of your group (boys, crew, etc.) for all or the majority of a weekend night. The rest of your group has no way of ascertaining any information about whether your friend actually lost his virginity or who the girl is. She lives in a big city or goes to a huge university, has a generic first name, no memorable last name, no phone number, and no identifiable social media.
Crew-member A: John keeps going on about hooking-up with his ivaginary friend.
Crew-member B: Yeah, how long do you think it'll be before he actually gets laid?
Crew-member A: With his game, that's the best he'll do for a while.
by goyo May 20, 2016
The state of the art in concealing evidence of the myriad of pornographic content viewed on a computer. For some, porn browsers became obsolete with the addition of private or "incognito" modes to all the major browsers. However, these private browsing modes proved to be double-edged swords - wiping browsing history and thus increasing the amount of time spent moby dicking. To make up for this deficiency, porn consumers simply choose from a wide selection of second-tier modern browsers like Opera to browse for porn and other possibly embarrassing material while keeping their history/bookmarks intact. This strategy has almost completely eliminated the need for the age-old new folder or untitled folder.
Okay, with all the shortcuts to Chrome everywhere no one should ever try looking for my porn browser. Genius!
by goyo July 02, 2016
When you forget to bookmark some great porn and don't remember the title of the video and don't know any of the models' names, you have to go searching for it in an endless sea of porn.
I'm so frustrated! I spent all afternoon moby dicking to no avail.
by goyo May 21, 2016
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