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4 definitions by Gorgeous_Stranger

1. another name for Jesus Christ

2. someone in love with an amazing girl named Joan

3. also means "black as the night"

4. gorgeous

David Devious has a better cell phone and a better girlfriend than you, bitch.
by Gorgeous_Stranger January 26, 2009
hair, usually a light color but doesn't have to be, that has the bangs almost or touching the eyes and cut straight across the forehead, all straightened straightened.
"Oh, girl, you are working that Gaga Hair today!"

"There's Lady Gaga!! ...Oh wow, her hair is curly, where the hell is her Gaga Hair?!"
by Gorgeous_Stranger April 20, 2009
when a person wears a usually skin tight, always legless suit of some sort, they are wearing "Gaga Pants".
"Did you see Britney yesterday? She as totally wearing Gaga Pants!!"

There's Lady Gaga and her usual Gaga Pants...
by Gorgeous_Stranger April 20, 2009
someone who is creepy
"Ohmygod, Stasha, Mansour is such a creeper!! He just comes over to Alex's house while he isn't even home and sleeps in his bed..."
by Gorgeous_Stranger May 11, 2009