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30 definitions by Goose

The act of sex where one partner crawls up into the female’s vagina, and curls up into the fetal position, only to emerge 10 hours later all wrinkled up, slimy, and slightly disoriented from the vaginal juices.
Dude, I’ve developed skin cancer from the sleeping bag that Jessica Yapp gave me yesterday night… fucking shit, dude…
by Goose May 25, 2003
phrase used to amaze and disturb the person to who it is said. Variations include, "your MP", and "your children"
"mmm dad"
"mmm your dad"

"mmm MP"
"mmm your MP"

"mmm children"
"mmm your children"
by Goose May 21, 2004
A grumpy and moody being who is often in their own world. Sometimes anti socal and often giggles at nothing.
There are many kinds of teenager but a certain kind is depressed often
"I'm a teenager"
"Bugger dude"
by Goose March 16, 2004
A ridiculously comfortable,lumpy blanket. ;-)
Go get schlumpy so we can watch a really bad movie..
by Goose April 19, 2004
A catch phrase that Stuart Scott cannot get over and uses ever other sportscenter highlight. It is said when one person makes an amazing play or schools an oppnent.
LeBron pulls up for a three and tells the wizards booya, in ya face.
by Goose January 07, 2004
When female genitalia becomes erectated like a male, except without a penis(replaced by vagina)
hey Latonya, do you have a fat lip, or are u packing?
by Goose September 29, 2004
a lesser noob
J-"OMFG, WTF, i almost had that!"
A-"STFU nooblet"
by Goose December 09, 2003