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30 definitions by Goose

A brassiere for men, aka a "bro".
Makes its first appearance in the Seinfeld episode, The Doorman.
For comfort and support for men, choose the mansiere.
by Goose April 07, 2005
49 14
Brand New, an amazing band.
BRAND NIZZLE : brand new york
by Goose December 19, 2003
46 13
Statesboro is a tight city in georgia
tha ish
statesboro is a tight city
by goose July 15, 2004
57 45
A Person who takes a shit naked and passes out on the toilet in the middle of a party
Holy Shit Studenski is a Fuckin Shit-Goose
by Goose December 22, 2003
11 5
Often American and always in your face, these people will not rest untill you are thinking like them. Are often Christian (see vinno's definition of christian) and want you to be too. These people are fucking up our world. (see George W Bush)
AHHHHHHHHHH A BASTARD! HELP HELP I am... thinking... like...

god bless america
by Goose March 16, 2004
5 4
Some one that makes you really want to kill them. A.K.A. Robbie Corgan!!! Also means a fat piece of shit and who has no friends and we always make fun of.
"You phint", "You're a stupid fucking phint
by Goose December 02, 2004
4 6
it originated in korea. is a synonym for penis and literally means pepper face
stupid goch!
by goose June 29, 2004
14 16