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A pile of people tangled and fucking. A form of an orgy.
Speaker 1: I'm so hitting up that fuckknot tonight at Jasmine's house.
Speaker 2: Yeah, I heard she does it a lot.
by Googs December 19, 2007
A chick that's a wanna be bro. She hangs with the bros but doesn't know what it means to be one. She most likely drives a gay car like a Scion and wears Uggs/Birkenstocks constantly.
"Brosef, Emily wont stop asking to hang with us this weekend"
"Yeah she's a total bro-bra"
by Googs January 21, 2008
To have sex with an extremely ugly girl.
Speaker 1: I can't believe Nico is hanging with that girl, she's gross.
Speaker 2: haha, he's gonna shock the monkey.
by Googs December 14, 2007
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