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A black women who desire to become a huge sugar mama.
It came from Obama and Oprah. They both sugaring words.
she is such a o. she want to show herself big sugar mama omama.

If there is white girls she would chase them out with her sugar mama stick like white girls are scrooge.

Omama come to papa and get some sugar mama.
by Goodchild December 23, 2011
People who act like they are not a racist because they fuck anybody. They act like saint, lover, world peace keeper and someone above everyone.
Have you seen that guy who think that he is not something and he is everything?
yeah, he is such a fuckist thinking that he is not a moron himself.

ugh, what a ultimate fucking loser!
by Goodchild June 29, 2013
A place where they sell stolen stuffs
I got this iPad in black market for $100! It fell out of the back of the truck!
by Goodchild May 14, 2015
A girl who is bitch and moody and all of sudden she is so forgiving, accepting and loving proclaiming. She had a big dick last night with huge orgasm.
She looked kind of different today.

Do you know she hated me and my friends and whole world?
Yeah, she was so cranky all the time
Today she said she forgive me and she looked so happy and loving everyone
She must have giving out orgiveness to everyone.
Yeah I think she had big orgasm last night by some guy?
Yeah that's classic, she orgive everyone after orgasm but how long will it last?
Don't know..
Maybe she can become a singer like Caty perry that show the world how big dick she had last night compare to those fat girls who hasn't gotten my to sell her record!!
by Goodchild July 21, 2013
If you eat kimchee you get so high and start dancing like the fat singer from Korea because its fermented. After you smell your own fart from that rotten cabbage, you are like crazy dancing feeling like you just had some big dig in your ass leading to the huge orgasm like a ugly women finally getting off.
Mr park had some kimchee skunk fart.
Oh not again, did he dance in he middle of the street???

Yeah he looked like big women lost her mind thinking she has a dick
He should go back to his own park

Where other skunks, gophers and hedgehogs hang around the golf club
by Goodchild July 21, 2013
New York City women who are trashed having so many guys dick in their ass, and want more so she end up chasing gay guys.
Have you seen her? Do you think she is hot?
well, she is hot but I think she is fuckeder.
what is fuckeder?

she is fucked enough but want more that she is chasing gays.
oh, not sgain, she must be trash.
by Goodchild November 29, 2011
JLO complex is someone who wants to be white desperately but then he/she is rejected and they go to black people and judging white people as racist. Jennifer Lopez is showing her brown hair as a sign that she has some European blood but she is not white and she used her Latina image to get attention as if she is so proud of being Latina, but all she does is trying to look Greek goddess with her tan skin which is strange and annoying. And, she also loves black guys. In her music video there are bunch of black dudes dancing as if she is saying these are your illegitimate children. She is not white but desperately wanna be white and she goes around all the race with inferiority complex and show as if she is over it by showing the opposite. She is showing her complex all over the race but she pretend that she is above all complex to hide herself really having complex.
Does she have JLO complex?
Yeah, she can't become enough of white race she f**ks everyone around.
by Goodchild June 02, 2013

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