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Long shorts or short trousers worn mostly by men with legs like golf clubs ar fat women-suited only to beachwear, but worn anywhere-even in pouring rain. Named after the game of the same name on The Price is Right when hosted by Joe Pasquale, with a chap dressed as a cod china man.
Look at the state of that skinny eejit, imagine wearing plinkos to a supermarket!
by Gomble August 14, 2009
very, very small male member. absolute useless garbage in the pants department.
oh no! I can't believe it! he looked a right stud,I thought I was in for a right rodgering, but it turns out he's only got a shag maggot!
by gomble November 24, 2009
large, raddled lady garden, that doesn't see soap and water often enough-a truly stinky, filthy, over grown snatch
'oh dear, what can that stench be? I think it's time Virginia rinsed out her fish hamper! I can smell her hairy downstairs halibut from here!'
by gomble March 21, 2010
an even worse insult than fanny baws-baws being scots for balls.

Imagine the most spineless, cowardly, yellow person you know, and then imagine them hiding behind real or imagined transvestism to be able to hurl even bitchier insults-i.e. a full blown, queenie, fractious hissy fit.
'for goodness sake, tranny baws-calm down, no one's interested in your dildo, and we certainly didn't steal it!'
by Gomble September 25, 2009
unfeasably attractive young woman, who acts as camoflage to hide the fact that her chum is a homosexual male. dolly beards as usually seen at reunions and parties, acting tarty with that boy from school who played with dolls and skipping ropes.
'did you see the state of that poofter ? he had his dolly beard with him-ha! we all know he's gay!'
by Gomble September 24, 2009
a person who constantly thinks up, writes or tweets lies about their sex life. usually a neglected child who'll think up anything to spice up their life, but are too thick to know when the game's up and spot that people see through their bull.
OMFG! that derek's such a congenitalia liar! he's been on facebook all night lying about his conquests! he's never pulled anyone!
by gomble April 05, 2011

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