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a country blumpkin is a variation of the blumpkin, where the recipient of the head giving is sitting in an outhouse instead of a toilet (and the person performing the fellatio is usually a sister or a cousin).
Cletus: "Ellie May, come out to th' shitter 'n give me a country blumpkin!"

Ellie May: "Well shit, I already gave Paw a country blumpkin! You'll have to wait 'til after supper!"
by GoldTeefs September 09, 2006
a hat (which is usually purchased from a sports store in the mall) with the tags and stickers left on it so the customer can wear it for one night and return it the next day for a refund
Thug #1: Yo, did you see Tyrone's Detroit Pistons cap? That shit was fly!
Thug #2: Yeah, that nigga hat was dope, and that nigga hat is also back on the shelf at Modell's.
by GoldTeefs September 07, 2006

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