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leaving a place quickly
the cops are here so are we jettin?
by God#28 April 08, 2004
1. the act of traveling from one party/social thing to another; cannot be done alone.

2. having so much of a blast you don't even know what's going on.
1. We were jettin to this one place but heard another house was better so we jetted over there.

2. I was jettin around big time last night.
#jettin #gettin #in #party #travel #jetter
by boombigs December 13, 2010
Jettin is a common insult for calling someone a hoe or a slut.
'Jettins' are usually bitchy whores who are very controlling.
Girl 1: "Look at that slut"

Girl 2: "Wow, she is such a Jettin.
#slut #whore #hoe #bitch #annoying #stupid #blonde
by JettinHaters June 05, 2011
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