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Common phrase linking the acts of spooning and forking. Basically, what starts with cuddling can easily end in sex.
Everyone knows that spooning leads to forking.
by Giant Peach November 09, 2005
Person one can hook up with almost anytime, spend a night, and have no emotional attachment.
Jack and Jill were both happy being single; however, they both loved having the other as a fuck-buddy.
by Giant peach November 08, 2005
Very low quality marijuana. Has characteristically bad odor. Etymology: Stank (from stink) + weed (colloquial, marijuana).
You could tell he was smoking some stankweed from the other side of the field.
by Giant peach November 08, 2005
Combination word formed from raunchy and nasty. Often used to describe scents, although it can be applied anywhere raunchy or nasty can. Developed from a need to express a sense worse than nasty, but that raunchy may be too riske for.
Dude, that stankweed smells absolutely rasty!
by Giant peach November 08, 2005
Having sex while in the spooning position. Similar to doggy style, but less upright. For lazy people, or those who really really really love to spoon.
I was too lazy last night to get up and start screwing her; instead, we decided on sporking.
by Giant Peach November 09, 2005
Simply put: fucking. Slightly more socially acceptable in the presence of elders.
I thought we were just cuddling last night, but she couldn't wait to get to forking.
by Giant Peach November 09, 2005
Cuddling with an individual while both face the same direction, the back of the "little spoon" to the chest of the "big spoon".
I thoroughly enjoyed an evening of spooning with my sweetheart.
by Giant Peach November 09, 2005
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