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When a woman (or man) is in the center of twenty other guys giving them all head.
I took my dad to the meat carnival!
by Ghostly December 05, 2009
"Prolaps" is the name of a sports clothing store in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. When read aloud, it sounds like "prolapse," which is when you're giving a girl (or guy) anal sex and you pull out of their ass so hard that their intestines pop out. It's amazing to think that RockStar got away with this.
Gamer: "Dude, come here! Seriously, look at this! There's actually a store in the game named Prolaps!"

Gamer's friend: "HAHA! NO FUCKING WAY!"
by Ghostly June 25, 2008
1) On the online game Maple Story, it is a town in the center of Victoria Island, the island that you land on directly after leaving Maple Island. A strong monster called a "Jr. Balrog" is waiting all the way in the heart of Sleepywood.

2) A slang term for the medical disorder commonly referred to as "erectile dysfunction." Put simply, a man who can't get it up has sleepywood.
Pro: I killed seventeen Jr. Balrogs in the past two days here at Sleepywood.
Noob: Screen shot or it never happened!

Mike: Man, Julie won't sleep with me anymore.
Leo: Why not?
Mike: Ever since I got that enema at the proctologist's office I've had sleepywood.
Leo: Enema? Sounds fun!
by Ghostly March 10, 2008
A cunt dodger is someone who rubs their dick around a woman's cunt, but never actually penetrates her. It's either due to the fact that she's too tight, or she could just be way too filthy to fuck. The cunt dodge is the perfect maneuver to use when a sex crazed teeny bopper gets high on acid and tries to rape you but she is too intoxicated to tell where your dick is, but too fat to get off of you.
1) Aymen claims to have lost his virginity, but his sister says he just cunt dodged her all night.
2) "That bitch Julie likes me a lot. She even pays me money to be seen in public with her. But when it comes time for us to fornicate, I just pull the ol' cunt dodger on her and claim that it's because she's too tight."
by Ghostly July 24, 2008

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