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(n.) one who has done a massive wet crap in their pants. Most of the time, the poop can be seen seeping through the underware, etc, and usually there is a horrendous odor associated with him/her.
\"Yo! Did u see that Poopsie pants over there?!?!? He was leaving a streak of messy poo when he walked past!\"
by Ghetto Nizzzik April 26, 2005
(n.) A term used for anyone who acts like a bentley-drivin, hoe-pimpin, hennesey-drinkin gangster. Max Honeys are usally so tough, that if u piss them off in the slightest way, they\'ll come and pop u one. They are hella fly and always mangage to get all the sexy bitches and gots people kissing the ground they walk on. Word motha fuckaz.
\"Yo! That guy was such a Max Honey! Did u see how those fly bitches paid him all that cash!?!?!\"
by Ghetto Nizzzik April 26, 2005
A place real all the real mother fuckaz go to school. We all peace out at lunch and hit up some tight place for some good food (like bucks) then pimp it back to school for a few mins...then there's a bomb threat and we get to go home early. Love this shitty town!
"Yo issaquah is great...oh wait....its actually lame. Except for costco...except for costco...
by Ghetto Nizzzik April 25, 2005
(adj.) A term used to describe anything that is unbelievably cool or ghetto.
\"Yo that car was so nemechek\"
by Ghetto Nizzzik April 26, 2005
(n.) This is the extreme of a \"crack whore,\" and in most cases can apply to any skank-hoe bitch who is nasty. You have to be able to smell the sex on her if she is to even considered at heroine crack whore. Oh yes, and she must carry a minimum of 4 STDs. And her hair has to be all effed up.
\"yo, that bitch looked so nasty, she must have been a heroine crack whore!\"
by Ghetto Nizzzik April 26, 2005
A hella tizzite city in Washington where all the true gangsters live. We lay low in our mercedes and bently's, and get some good food at Cheesecake Factory. All the coool bellevue bitches live on Cougar Mountain, and attend Issaquah High School, whereas all the lame-asses attend some other bellevue high school. Official saying in B-town: "Yo, im white. But i'll pop u one if u mess up my AF1's. Take that biatch!"
"Yo, lets head over to bellevue to pick up some sexy bellevue bitches"
by Ghetto Nizzzik April 25, 2005

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