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Scots, literally "ball bag": scrotum (derogatory)
The guy who put the original definition for bawbag appears to be a bit of a bawbag!
by Gezza T April 09, 2003
Derogatory. Someone who suffers from Down's Syndrome (trisomy 21). Derived from contraction of a now unused description: "Mongoloid features" referring to the bridgeless nose and epicanthic folds of certain far-eastern races.
Jesus man, Maccy D's have got a Jimmy no-stars working at the drive thru' and he's a fuckin' mongo.
by Gezza T April 20, 2003
food, snacks, scran.
Jesus, I'm starvin'! When we gonna get some bloody nosebag?
by Gezza T April 09, 2003
A buffoon. An unskilled person. From the McDonald's practice of awarding stars on employees' badges denoting skill or experience level. Thus an employee with no stars is unskilled, which is a joke considering they work at goddam McDonalds. I mean, how hard can it be???
Don't listen to him, he's a Jimmy-no stars!
by Gezza T April 20, 2003
Scots. A drain such as you would find at the kerb for carrying rainwater. cf stank lifter
Shite! I've dropped ma car keys doon the stank.
by Gezza T April 09, 2003
literally one who lifts up drain covers (stank). An ugly bird.
Would ye look at that stank lifter? She's got a face on her like a burst couch!
by Gezza T April 09, 2003
The downing of a drink as quickly as possible. The ultimate shotgun requires a bottle of (preferably non-fizzy) alcoholic beverage and two straws.
1. attach the straws together end to end and ensure no side-leaks to air.
2. insert straw into bottle ensuring tip is as near to the bottom as possible.
3. form a food seal around the mout of the bottle and the straw with your lips.
4. tip the bottle up so that it lies vertically (that's straight up and down for all the Americans out there).
5. At the same time open your gullet and have someone else blow on the other end of the straw as hard as they can.
The contents of the bottle should disappear in under a second - good shit.
6. To ensure it has gone down and stays down you must now shout "BOOOOOM!" at the top of your voice. If you spew you have to forfeit.
man that guy's good - he shotgunned the whole thing in under a second!
by Gezza T April 20, 2003

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