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Not quite an erection, but getting there.
When I saw Milla Jovovich's boobies I got a semi.
by Germ March 15, 2003
Marijuana, cannabis, ganja, weed, chronic. Etc. and so forth.
I like to partake of the icky sticky on a regular basis, because it makes me feel chewy.
by Germ March 15, 2003
To be stoned or drunk while on IRC.
Fatmoe only dfx's once in a blue moon, but we all know that's bullshit.
by Germ March 14, 2003
Very manly way of saying dick or penis.
rMuD is jealous of Germ's black ding a ling.
by Germ March 14, 2003
Shiny/jewellery/car/ expensive things
Have u seen her house? It's bling bling, have u seen his car? How bling!
by Germ June 23, 2005
Cute/hot/beautiful/sexy and anything referring to the words...
She looks how nuff today... he looks nuff...
by Germ June 23, 2005

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