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222 definitions by George

(1)-a hygenic garment , ment for retention of feces or other material passed by a young humans lower colon.
"mommy the baby's diaper needs to be changed, it is full of Crap!'
by George March 24, 2004
One of the best damn animes ever made.
I wish I was Keitaro, having all those hot chicks around...
by george March 06, 2005
a girl with a bush so large it appears she is wearing panties made or pubic hair.
it was going good untill she dropped her panties only to reveal hair panties.
by george January 20, 2005
1. n a female who is hard to understand with her different catchphrases.
Ex: You're turning into a Smriti with your little comments, yes you are.
by george March 21, 2005
Speed Racer's race car!
I will survive, in my Mach 5.
by George January 04, 2005
When you very sneakily borrow indefenitley a pair/bunch of panties from a girl.
True Story. I go to a private school, and I am the only boy in high school chorus. I almost went to heaven when I went on the beach trip, with all the hot girls, and Emily... But what I did was this: All the girls were downstairs (this is in a private beach house) so I decided to go into Emily's room and... look around a little bit. ^^ I bet that everyone reading this has a good enough imagination...^^
by george August 11, 2005
That’s the moment when a girl raises her butt off the bed and her pelvis into the air, allowing you to proceed with undressing her, rendering her completely naked.
Daaaamn, did you get the butt lift with that bitch last night???
by George June 25, 2005