Top Definition
A beautiful girl
Samanta's are funny, nice and pretty.
They are mostly preps
Dammn, look at samanta!
by Wackookoko January 08, 2009
Samanta is a beautiful girl she is very pretty and has a big heart .She is funny but know when to stop and be serious she also likes animals and has lots of inside jokes with her friends.She can keep secrets and you can trust her.She is also very good in bed and trys to try as many new stuff as she can.She is the best thing in the world be careful not to let her go if she likes you .
Boy 1 : look at that girl she is so beautiful.
Boy 2 : oh that's Samanta she's my friend

Boy 1 : can you introduced me to her
Boy 2 : yeah sure let's go
by hereitgose May 15, 2016
A girl that looks similar to a frog
gross samanta you look like a frog
by miekjj May 27, 2008
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