5 definitions by Gemini Twin #2

That addicting little box you're sitting in front of
*twitch* I've got to get on my computer. I haven't been on for 20 minutes. *twitch*
by Gemini Twin #2 November 04, 2005
Subject where you "learn" where places are. Usually forgotten by the next class period.
Billy:I learned where France is today in geography.
Bob: Really? Where is it?
Billy:...I don't remember.
by Gemini Twin #2 November 04, 2005
1)Something teachers make us read so we can "learn"

2) Big peice of crap.

3) Place to write hate notes about teachers.

4) something teachers give us to fill up our bookbags, look like thery're doing their jobs and break our backs.

5) Kindling.
1) I have to read my school books tonight for homework

2) Stupid school book.

3) (Written in school book) Mr. George is the worst teacher ever.

4) I have so many school books I can't fit them all in my bookbag. *falls over backward from weight of books*

5) Oh, you're having a bonfire? I'll bring over my schoolbooks to light it with.
by Gemini Twin #2 November 04, 2005
Mindless box with which to waste life away. See also television
Man, I played video games for 15 hours strait last night. I can't even see anymore.
by Gemini Twin #2 November 05, 2005
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