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the dam thing that causes you to eat a super giant burrito that is 2 feet long and about 10 cm in diameter even though you can not handle it all in your stomach.
aww... so full... fucking peer pressure...
by geeimatree April 19, 2006
the pain shot through the bodies nervous system when someone happens to tsk you
a tatazum shot up my ass when that guy tsked me
by geeimatree April 19, 2006
Someone who changes their date(s) back or to the future on their calendar of their electronic device(s).
Kymie: I just caught my man changing the years on his phone, and he does it alot.

Hanna: Yea, he's a totally time looper...

... 3 years later: they ended the conversation, and they just realizes Kymie's man just left her an hour after after they started. So, Kymie and Hanna decide to have awkward sex... :Time Looper
by GeeImATree January 17, 2013
when someone shoves a sharp object up ur asshole while you are doing push ups
"I totally tsked that guy dude!"
"oh, thats why he was bleeding!"
by geeimatree April 23, 2006
when some asshole sticks a pen up your ass while you are doing push ups.
"hehe, im so gonna tsk that guy"
by geeimatree April 19, 2006
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