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Derogatory verb commonly used to describe the state of one's lack of common sense.
1) You are such a fucking mong.
by Gavyn August 27, 2004
A form of local authority funded transportation that whisks the mentally challenged off to a magical world of group rehabilition, medicine and whacking off in public.
Mummy, the retards are whacking off on that Cabbage Bus.
by Gavyn September 07, 2004
To wake up from a highly erotic dream only to find that your bedsheets are very sticky. Also known as wet dream.
"Alright lads? I had a corker of a margarine dream last night."
by Gavyn August 24, 2004
A gathering for individuals who have not yet matured. Mostly hard, angry goths/death metal entusiasts and other otherworldly beings who sport cutsey icckle Sesame Street accessories.
"I want destruction and death on the world. Where's my Hello Kitty handbag mummy? I'm off to TJ's."
by Gavyn August 24, 2004
To urinate whilst sleeping. Not to be confused with Margarine Dream.
"I was so bladdered last night that I woke up with a massive hangover and realised I'd had a Tangerine Dream".
by Gavyn August 24, 2004
Short for Pillgwenlly, a suburb of Newport, South Wales. A sunny part of the city where crack cocaine is easily available to many respectable people who are issued free money on a fortnightly basis.
"Goin' down Pill to score some crack spa."
by Gavyn August 24, 2004
a) A form of ridicule regarding the obesity of a certain individual.

b) To play with a pungent meat-like vagina.
a) "That ain't no beer gut. That's pure Beef Jerky."

b) "I think I've lost my watch in your Beef Jerky."
by Gavyn August 24, 2004
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