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Pronounced "ah-weh"

A South African slang word used to acknowledge something or greet someone.
"Hey guys"
-"Oh aweh man!"

"Do you wanna hit a bong?"
-"Ja aweh, let's do it."
by GavinGavin December 13, 2007
Narrow strip of cardboard or paper rolled up and placed in the base of a spliff which acts as a make shift filter.

Also known as a roach.
What can I use for a gerrick?

IS there anything left?
No, just the gerrick.
by GavinGavin December 12, 2007
Pronounced ken-ess

Sometimes some things are just kennes.

A roll with tomato, salami, ham, cheese, mayo, tuna, lettuce, beef and olives would be considered a kennes roll.

When something is complicated or impossible to operate or understand it can be considered kennes.

New technology universal remotes with thousands of different buttons, uses and flashing lights would be considered kennes.
Have you seen the Audi R8? wow it's kennes!

I didn't take physiology in high school because I just thought it would be a bit too kennes.

The car just hit that guy! did you see? Fuck it was Kennes!

by GavinGavin December 12, 2007
The little hole in a bong off which you move your finger when you want to inhale the smoke in the chamber.

Also known as the carb
Where's the clutch on this bong?

Take your finger off the clutch dude!
by GavinGavin December 13, 2007
Pronounced "keesh" or "keeshed"

Adj - When there is nothing left to smoke in a spliff or bong.

Verb - When one finishes the last bit of a spliff or bong.

"Is there any left there?"

-"No, I think it's quiche."

"Do you want the last bit?"
"No, it's cool bro just quiche it."
by GavinGavin December 13, 2007

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