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to get some action, have, or get to have, sex with a fiiine female.
yo man, how was your date with melanie last night ?

sweet man i got a piece of that ass !!
by gaurav November 28, 2003
What the ventrillo guy says when he tries to be leet.
skyline commented "roffel"
by gaurav March 12, 2004
the original clothing company of G-unit. Is not Guerrilla-Unit and never was. Young Buc never wore a Guerrilla Unit pants either.
Yo, that Gorilla Unit shirt is the shaganoff.
by Gaurav March 16, 2004
a word you can use just about anywhere, like 'whatever' or 'blah'.. esp. when there's nothing to talk about.
(happy first person) "WOWI! momy brought me a taco salad"
(uncaring second person)"Gwarg."


(annoying firt person)"And today, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah"
(annoyed second person)"Gwarg."
by gaurav March 26, 2004
When some one rips you off.
When some on doesnt do wat they supposed to.
When some dont stay up to their word.
When someone lies.
Ayyo black, wtf, why u g-ing with the spanish homework?
by Gaurav March 18, 2004

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