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1) a chick who is a combination of fat and ugly.

2) a chick who was a fat lay.
geezz what a pharlei...
by Gary May 02, 2005
pharlei pron. far~lay
1. Combination of a chick who is both fat and ugly, hence the sound of fat and ugly in one word nearly sounds like pharlei.

2. A chick who was a fat lay.
I had a pharlei last night, it's name was Nicky.

My mates told me to take the hit and jump on the grenade, but instead I ended up with a pharlei and wish I hadn't, cept if my name was Gary it would be like christmas.

I always go for the phalei's cos then i'm guaranteed action.

I was so stoked that I hooked up with a pharlei, it must be my lucky night.
by Gary April 23, 2005
1. A person of very low wits


2. A person who looks incredibly dumb


3. A combination of both 1 and 2
"Why did Bob climb in the bailer? God damn he is a downtard!"

"Did you see Elliot drop his lunch tray today? I swear, I have never seen a bigger downtard."
by Gary October 06, 2004
Created by the legendary Funky_Del as a more fitting replacement for lol; means "That made me lick my balls!". To be more precise, lol in messaging services nowadays is more of a general part of a sentence, like a full stop or comma, than to mean you actually "laughed out loud", and in contrast "lmao" seems too much to use for things that are only vaguely funny. Therefore, tmmlmb was created.
"... anyway, I was thinking..."
by Gary April 30, 2005
saviour. hero.
superior to simpletons.
higher rank in the ladder, but treats
all equal. rare and fragile.
hey how ya doing beastow ?
by Gary February 24, 2004
just a regular ozzie bloke who gets all the roots. need weed give me a call on 0405 010 712
none needed
by gary September 04, 2003
Never encourage sexy women
by Gary August 11, 2003

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