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The tournament of kings. It features a teuchter who indulges in beastiality, a keeper who has the same refereeing capability as a dead weasel and large amount of cursing.
'Fuck! That's a pen!'
'He kneed him in the face!'
Weasel: 'I didn't see it but I'll give it anyway'
'It was teuchter!'
Weasel: 'Oh, no pen then'

Teuchter: 'Feck off! For fecks sake I'm off to feck a goat yous should all ????? me ????? ???? ?? nae fair!'
by Garry2 February 13, 2005
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Betting all your money on one hand, usually moronically.
You go all-in with a queen high and some cowboy hat wearing jew busts you with a pair of threes.

'Garry, should I go all in with a pair of sixes?'
'Yeah, go for it'
'FUCK. I hate you. This is all your fault.'

'Did I see you with Miss Johnstone earlier?'
'Yeah, I went all in'
by Garry2 February 13, 2005
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