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Originally coined by N4TBlazinHokies, It is to describe the act of running all over a map, (or dividing it up to share) to find and kill a player who is standing still.

Seen in Saints Row 2 a lot because by playing a match, you earn money needed to gain ranks, and eventually earn acheivments. people doing this don't care, or want to play online with people, they just want the acheivements.

Named for a player who has become the most famous for doing this, Simoshan J.
In Pregame Lobby:
Team A: Aw, Fuck, We got Simoshin, he just stands there.
Team B: Yeah, you better quit out, We Are Just going Simoshin Hunting
{Team A all quits, except Simoshin}
{Team B each gets about 25-30 Kills}
by Gamewizard December 14, 2009
A phrase used in NASCAR to describe a large crash at Daytona, or Talledega involving several cars. Usually caused by the restrictor plates on the cars keeping them bunched together, 3 or 4 across, 43 deep, untill one car in the front cuts down in front of another car to close, and spins out in front of the rest of the pack. The Big One usually has 5-10 cars involved but some have had up to 26.
Just look up "The Big One @ Daytona" and you will get a pretty good idea.
by Gamewizard September 30, 2009
Reverse Porn n.

When watching porn you are focused on one thing... the porn. Reverse porn is...

1. Anything that distracts you from, and keeps you from doing what you are suppose to be doing or working on. such as a television show, when you are suppose to be doing homework.

2. An example of reverse porn actually being porn could be what is going on right now. I am trying to focus on righting a definition, but I have a porn flick open in the other window, thus distracting me from the first task.
Your Boss: Hey {insert your name here... Huh Huh Insert}, Did you get that Chalmers case finished last night.

You: No I was distracted by some reverse porn of some car chases last night.

Your Boss: Your fired.
by Gamewizard November 12, 2009

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