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Short for "What's up".

Used in chat rooms, messengers, etc
ChatMan: Hello.
ChatPunk: Whazzup, man.
by Gabriel February 18, 2005
a complete and total dumb neighborhood ho, or a completely pussy-whooped male who picks his gf over his homies.

ho, pussy, whooped
1. A yo skeezo come here so we can fuck.

2. Hey, Jack is a fucken skeezo man. He never kicks it with us anymore.
by gabriel June 01, 2004
A man (usually of Chilean heritage) that can not locate the clitoris.
"No, to the left..."
"No, Hans, for fuck's sake, it's right there, to the right!"
"Oh, this, right here? The knub?"
"That's my belly button, you fucking spic retard! I'm out of here."
"Baby wait! Baby c'mon... baby, they're six bucks a pill..."
by Gabriel March 15, 2005
Hacktivist is somebody who engages in hacktivism, which is the fusion of hacking and activism; a merger in which technically proficient hackers engage in electronic direct action in order to bring pressure on institutions engaged in unethical or criminal actions, particularly in relation to the Internet and computer technology. (From www.thehacktivist.com)
A well-known hacktivist all her life, Alison is now working for the Internet Security division of Microsoft.
by Gabriel September 30, 2003
a darling, a witty, amusing friend
You would cheer up if you had a dunya to talk to
by gabriel August 21, 2003
word is bein suprised or asking a question like saying really.
"Jays bot a new crew" "Word?"
by Gabriel February 23, 2005
A pious person's attempt at swearing
Oh sh*t, I forgot my Bible at the church.
by Gabriel September 16, 2003

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