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Hacktivist is somebody who engages in hacktivism, which is the fusion of hacking and activism; a merger in which technically proficient hackers engage in electronic direct action in order to bring pressure on institutions engaged in unethical or criminal actions, particularly in relation to the Internet and computer technology. (From
A well-known hacktivist all her life, Alison is now working for the Internet Security division of Microsoft.
by Gabriel September 30, 2003
A computer expert who uses his/her hacking skills in the interest of human rights.
Due to the Great Firewall of China, the Chinese dissident movement was in pretty bad shape until they got help from some benevolent hacktivists.
by apathetic September 30, 2003
A hacker who uses their talents for the good of others.
A hacktivist put a little extra money in my bank account.
by Vash The Stampede September 30, 2003
a hacker who hacks into computers and the Internet under political clout.
Hacktivists are now on the rampage to annihilate VisaCards and MasterCards due to the anti-WikiLeaks campaign by the USA.
by uttam maharjan December 10, 2010
An uneducated and highly emotionally charged adolescent or man-child passive aggressively lashing out at the world through the safety of their computer over poorly understood political issues, usually while in their underwear.
Billy doesn't understand why he has to pay his electric bill, so rather than spend his time looking for a higher paying job, the hacktivist vandalized his local utility's website.
by Schnorkenschneider February 14, 2014
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