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so be in a good relationship with someone, likesafe
suafe, homeboy
by gabriel December 15, 2003
Used to say that you were kicked-off the game, the pool, or whatever.
Dude1: Hey, guess what.
Dude2: huh?
Dude1: They kicked me off Counter Strike...
by Gabriel February 18, 2005
California Police codes for a drive-by shooting
"We have a 246 resulting in a 187"
by Gabriel November 14, 2003
noun: not quite one thing or the other.
I wasn't the best student, or the worst. I was more of an inbetweener.

Did you see that person with the big arms?

Is that a guy or girl?

Looks like a 'tweener?
by Gabriel May 08, 2005
Something we need but don't want and that doesn't work due to the stupidity of humans.
The governmant will one day fall and we will all kill each other.
by Gabriel March 21, 2005
Verb: the act of crushing and snorting pills.
I had to bang some Addies so I could study well.
by Gabriel May 09, 2005
the act of trying to distract your opponent in a game of beer pong.
Did you see mary's psyche out in our game last night? She mooned me.
by Gabriel May 06, 2005

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