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Italian word for blowjob.
Laura mi ha fatto un pompino.
Laura gave me a blowjob.
by Gabozz March 30, 2004
Normal Sleep Pattern:
Since computer geeks have no life and stay at their computer watching pr0n and talking with foreign people until early morning, they need to come back to a NSP for turning their poor existence into a normal life.
Geek: Sorry, these days I tried to come back to the NSP so I haven’t been online for too long!

Geek #2: I wish I could do it too, and having a real life!
by Gabozz January 16, 2005
A man's dick, especially if black. Seen many times on the "Blacks on blondes" site trailers on the net, it means a man with a huge cock.
Lex fucked Tawnee with his massive black meatbone in the ass, then she had a gape!
by Gabozz March 30, 2004

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