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The 3rd coming of the anti-christ. Murderer of John Lennon. See Fucker.
Mark Chapman should rot in hell, where he belongs.
by Gir March 20, 2005
A great person, one of the creators of arfenhouse!!!111 and the sole creator of Pokey and the Ombaoojiebaseo. One of the staff members of Disaster Labs. Obey Him.
Misteroo is brilliant.
by GIR June 16, 2004
(n): A synthetic substance, which posesses the ability to become whatever its user wishes it to be.

(v): The act of floaming someone or something, or oneself.
Yo, dat floam is off the gizzard, goawd!

Yo, you just dun did been dun floamed yoself..... to DEATH!!!
by GIR January 31, 2004
a black person (no im not racist)
look at those damn channons. Thier crazy.
by gir April 22, 2003
a word now used by more than just 2 people. Make it four. Means that stuff's all jiggly-like.
Look Mama! He all jiggly!!!
by GIR January 31, 2004
And Jenajam rules too.
by Gir April 29, 2005
Zork, a monster that has a huge wang that can shoot out fireballs and drools out white stuff.4kids will probably edit out the penis and replace it with boxers.
4kids Producers: " HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT A PENIS?!! Let's edit it out and put a bikni or boxers on it yes? ( >^( O_O)
by gir March 05, 2005
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