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(n): A synthetic substance, which posesses the ability to become whatever its user wishes it to be.

(v): The act of floaming someone or something, or oneself.
Yo, dat floam is off the gizzard, goawd!

Yo, you just dun did been dun floamed yoself..... to DEATH!!!
by GIR January 31, 2004
that crappy synthetic "magical" substance, whenyou first saw the commercial in like second grade and was like HOLY SHIT I NEED THIS STUFF
commercial: "FLOAM IS AMAZING STICKS TO ANY SURFACE *insert little kid putting floam on any object; scooter, dinosaur, school project, white windowless van, yo pick it*

*kid uses floam* "this stuff is shit
#floam #crap #commercials #life #kids
by (: (: :) :) February 12, 2011
A type of messy, airy turd that is kind of foamy...not quite solid, not quite diarrhea.
"I don't know what I ate last night, but I have floam, really bad!"
#poop #shit #diarrhea #turd #scat
by Char H January 08, 2006
Someone or something that appears like it could be lots of fun, but then sort of just disappoints or drys up.
He was some much fun while he was drunk, but when he was sober he was really boring. He just turned out to be a floam.
#foam #flooam #floaamm #flloaam #floam
by Lark K Bloonie March 22, 2010
Sex toy, used for pleasure, used to play with themselves
Ashley loves to play with her floam

He uses the floam to caress his special place
#fun #sexy #blowable #squishy #pleasurable #seductive
by Floam Beater December 21, 2005
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