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the empty, cavernous hole in your chest feeling, when your girlfriend dumps you.
can last two days or two weeks depending on how into her you were.
dude to his friend: ya my GF dumped me, and now two days later she's banging this guy we know, this pain in my chest, I just feel cavitated.
by GEoff June 09, 2014
Forcing one to ingage in sexual activity in their own bed
Oh... you're girlfriend is coming this weekend? Looks like I'm Bunkin' up with Dyer
by Geoff February 22, 2004
An absolutely vital part of computer gaming.
Have you brought your joystick? No? Go home and fetch it then!
by Geoff July 30, 2003
An annual event held where u start drinking and u don't stop until u have finished a slab
by Geoff June 01, 2003
Topplin and bopplin on my wopplin
He has to be tugathuggin' cause he can't touch my wizzow
by Geoff May 12, 2003
to question somethin
by geoff March 09, 2003
A mixture of ham and pork, making one of the best damn combinations ever, brains se appeal u name it it has it. So one uses it usually to mean somehting that is incredibly fun sexy or cool ...
"shall we meet up and go watch a film? .... yeah let's be realllly spucky - go all out"
"he's dressed very spuckily"
by Geoff October 24, 2004
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