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2 definitions by G.Willi

When you do a poo, wipe your arse but there's no poo on the toilet paper.
Dan: "Dude, I just did a shit, wiped my arse, but there was nothing on the toilet paper"
Stav: "Awesome man! That was a clean poo, you should be proud"
by G.Willi September 24, 2008
When a guy misses his bitch when she's away, and feels that he needs to tell her so he sends her a bitch txt. If he does this he looses an element of his manhood, hence the name, "bitch txt".
Sesh: I really miss her man.
Gav: Send her a txt you big bitch.
Sesh: Nah man, I don't wanna send her a bitch text.
Gav: Just send the fucking thing you big bitch.
by G.Willi July 14, 2008