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A very strong attraction to feet, most commonly a male having one for female feet. However common, it is a fetish often made fun of.
I find it hard not to stare at Stacy's feet and feel aroused, therefore I have a foot fetish.
by G-to-the-Reg May 14, 2005
1. Adorable, used for small children or animals.

2. Attractive in some way, usually being pretty/handsome and often shy.

3. An insult, looking down on someone in some way.
1. "Look at the cute little puppy!"

2. "That girl who always acts so girly is so cute!"

3. "Haha, looks like someone can't lift 20 pounds! How cute!"
by G-to-the-Reg May 14, 2005
The lowest part of the body, just below the legs, used for walking and running, swimming, and many sports. Considered to be an attaractive part of the body by some.
During crawlstroke, you use your feet to do a flutter kick.

When Clare wears sandals, you can see how pretty her feet are.
by G-to-the-Reg May 14, 2005
1. High in temperature, if high enough, causing burns

2. Beautiful, or very attractive, hard to take one's eyes off of
1. "Don't burn yourself, honey, the oven is very hot."

2. "That girl over there is so hot, my heart just skipped a beat."
by G-to-the-Reg May 14, 2005
1. One who is thought to be so nice and sweet, they must be from heaven

2. A very sweet, nice, attractive, sometimes shy girl who a guy finds to be completely irresistable.
1. "My little kitty is such an angel."

2. "Kirsten's so hot, I wish she were my angel."
by G-to-the-Reg May 14, 2005
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