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When something has potential enough to be laughed, Lawld,lold, rotfl, lmao,lmafo,and lolz, at. (etc)
Seth: hey, Man there is this kid who is a pathological liar lets see if we can catch him in a lie it will be Lawlsy.

Brian: haha yesss im in need of a good Lawl.
by G-baby009 March 06, 2010
just like any other acronym used in text messaging, but Lmstd is more exaggerated meaning (Laugh my self to death).
Guy2: Yo this comedian is so funny i almost Lmstd, he had me going so bad i couldn't catch my breath.

Guy1: whoa your really lucky that would be kinda freaky if you actually Lmstd.
by G-baby009 March 08, 2010
When an individual that you like/or have a crush on has a boy friend/long term relationship that and you feel the following things about them after you figure out there is a boy friend to deal with,you feel: (but not limited to) turned off, turned on, a better chase, and or jealous/envious
Guy one: My God that girl is so beautiful i wish she was my girlfriend because wow i am lost in her.... everything

Guy two: yeah dude but she has had the same boyfriend for like 5 years.

Guy one: Dang talk about you Bf Bubble, because i could see her in my arms, oh well that just makes it more interesting
by G-baby009 September 17, 2009
when you are talking to your gf, wife, bf, husband
using the acronym ttysh is short for talk to you soon hunny.
Guy: hey love hows every thing just saying your amazing because i love you.
Girl: aw hey babes i love you more, i just left the house you miss me already? Well im at the store ttysh
Guy: ok love ttysh.
by G-baby009 November 23, 2010

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