15 definitions by G-RED

Referring to the female love hole or Vagina.
I want to hit that poons poon.
by G-RED October 28, 2006
A day that you don't have anything to do. Usually spent on Ft. Lauderdale beach, tanning, checking out the women, and calling your buddies to brag that you have nothing to do while they work.
Hey guys, I'm chillin on the beach, having a Gary Day.
by G-RED October 28, 2006
Your + Porno "Yourno" When your fucking and filming it at the same time. You must be holding the camera while having intercourse, either in the vagina or ass.
Wanna check out my yourno? I shot it last night when I was nailing yo momma, bitch.
by G-RED October 29, 2006
A nasty bitch, nasty like dirty, sleeps with anything, which means you will catch anything, even with more than one rubber on.

Also she could have nasty smokers teeth, pockmarked skin, wear too much make-up, and perfume.
Holy shit Bobby hit that scutta hoe, now his dick will fall off.
by G-RED October 28, 2006
Doing something that causes a man to get an erection. It can be done by someone else or themselves. The act that causes an erection.
She is so hot I'm going to flick my bick.
by G-RED October 28, 2006
Underware that disappears between a person's butt cheeks (man or woman). It doesn't necessarly have to be a g-string, but if not, that ass is way too big!
Holy shit that guy's ass is so big his bananna hammock has disappeared and is now crack floss.

Dam that stripper is hot and I love her crack floss.
by G-RED October 29, 2006
A gay club in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.
No I've never been to the cubby hole.
by G-RED October 29, 2006

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