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A more serious type of bug drop that I published before Trevor could, in which one sits on someone's head who is asleep and farts.
Dude Larry pissed me off so i fuckin gave that bastard a turbo bug drop!
by g unit May 04, 2004
The absolute worst type of bug drop, in which one with swamp ass and diarrhea sits on someone else's face who is asleep, and shits.
Dude Merril put an end to the interminable bug drop war, when he decided to drop the atomic bug drop all over Chaz's face!
by g unit June 20, 2004
The sticky white substance that is excreated from ones dong during sex.
"Wendy, Clarence blew his jonny juice all over my face last night. Damn that shit burns!"
by g unit May 04, 2004
A vagina.
Betty's wooden dildo gave my vazano some major cricket splinters!
by g unit May 04, 2004
turds that are pebbles that are so wide its hard to force out causing hemroids.
Omg i shit pigglets.
by g unit October 08, 2004
Splinters in one's vaginal area.
Hey Wendy come look at this, I have some major cricket splinters!
by g unit May 04, 2004
mocking and joking for the affect of humor.
Katie:Listen to my cough.
Greg:It sounds like a sick cough.
Katie:Are you being sarfecious? I'm really sick.
Greg:No, you really do sound sick, my sweet ghetto deal.
by G unit February 08, 2004

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