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The cheesy substance that grows under the foreskin of an uncircumcized penis. It is sometimes referred to as a moldy fungus because it is. It truly is.
I was giving my Protestant boyfriend head and I choked on his shmag.
by Yosel April 16, 2007
A cigarette - tobacco rolled up in paper, inhaled when lit on fire for the purpose of getting buzzed
I'm gonna have a shmag real quick before we bounce.
by joeyr October 21, 2006
Noun)Any condiment placed on food

ADJ) Anything on ones self that does not belong there and/or causes a mess or stain
(N)Shmag) Are you going to put any shmag on your hot dog

(ADJ)Shmag) Dude you have some shmag on your shirt
by neutron212 October 21, 2004
1. Sexual frustration
2. A type of french cheese
3. A species of frog
4. "Homie" or "friend"
Ahhh! I suffer from shmag!

Mmmmmm this shmag tastes gooooood!

The shmag hops along in the rainforest.

Hey, how's it goin shmag?
by Alessandra "Less" Recine March 10, 2003

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